Monterosso al Mare is the most northern village of the five lands and is protected by hills covered with vineyards, lemons and olive groves. It is the only village with beaches and offers the most facilities and services for guests such as food and wine shops, artisan shops, hotels and restaurants.

From a rich history of pirate raids, fishing and agriculture, today Monterosso produces Italy’s finest wines, limoncino and olive oil along with seafood delicacies unlike anywhere else in the world. Additionally, its colourful character has inspired award winning poets and lovers through the ages including Eugenio Montale who won the Nobel Prize for his poem about the lemons of Monterosso.

Monterosso offers the most options for destination weddings whether it’s a gothic-genovese style church, a seaview terrace, an ancient vineyard or medieval hermitage.

Monterosso is the perfect setting for a simple or opulent organic country chic wedding.

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