Wedding Planner Services


Cinque Terre Wedding is a full-service destination wedding planning agency located in the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera, Italy. We specialise in weddings for international visitors dreaming of a destination wedding in Italy.

Wedding Planning

Our Wedding Planning Services include but are not limited to: Venue Scouting, Civil and Religious Paperwork Assistance, Translation, Celebrant, Catering, Wedding Website, Entertainment, Photography, Hair and Makeup, Event Styling, Pre-Post Wedding Events, Transfers, Accommodation and Stationery.


We live in the Cinque Terre and our family has lived in the area for generations. As the only wedding planners solely dedicated to the Cinque Terre we gather the best local wedding experts to provide you with the tastes, the style, the character and spirit of an authentic Cinque Terre wedding on the Italian Riviera.


The Cinque Terre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being the oldest collection of medieval fishing villages in the world. As a result, the Cinque Terre has been frozen in a time capsule from the middle ages – no new developments, no cars, no big-name corporate brands. The colourful tower houses, strolling around (la passeggiata) the vineyards and beaches and local produce and crafts are just as they were over 800 years ago.


Keeping with the old-world spirit of the villages our wedding planning services includes fresh local food products from the land and the sea, wine from the local vineyards and cakes straight out of the oven of the local baker where three generations of one family continue to make wedding cakes from recipes that date back another three generations!
The flora and fauna of the Cinque Terre on land and at sea are also protected. So our wedding planning services celebrate the best of nature’s beauty: the sun, sea and the luscious grapevine covered cliffs when planning the backdrop for your destination wedding in Italy.