What does your Cinque Terre Wedding planner do?

At Cinque Terre Wedding no Italian wedding is the same. Your wedding planner will tailor your special day around your specific tastes and requests.

Your wedding planner will assist you through the five-step process which includes helping you choose a location for your ceremony and reception within one of the five villages, source and coordinate suppliers, assist with paperwork, provide constant correspondence via email and phone throughout the planning process and attend and assist at your wedding dress rehearsal and on your wedding day.

Why do you need a Cinque Terre Wedding planner?

The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO Heritage site and national park. Its five villages are one of the most well-preserved collections of medieval fishing villages in the world.

The Cinque Terre’s structures, flora, fauna and marine life are protected and unspoilt so that a stroll down one of the tiny ancient cobbled pathways with village gossip whispering at every corner, feels like a step back in time. As a result, the Cinque Terre is undeniably one of the most charming, majestic and romantic locations in the world for your destination wedding.

However, the Cinque Terre is also one of the most exclusive wedding locations due to restrictions on development, infrastructure and transport. These restrictions make access to services limited, complex and often unworkable for those who do not have an in-depth knowledge of the area, its people and their language.

At Cinque Terre Wedding not only do we live in the area but our ancestors have lived in the region for generations.

Our aim is to extend to you our local knowledge, expertise and contacts to deliver the best service at the best value.

What is the process for organising my Cinque Terre Wedding with a wedding planner?

Contact us today to find out about our simple five-step plan for your perfect Italian destination wedding on the Cinque Terre.

When is the best time to get married on the Cinque Terre?

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Where is the Cinque Terre?

The Cinque Terre is on the Italian Riviera in the state of Liguria, between the major cities of Genova and La Spezia. The most northern village is Monterosso, followed by Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Here’s a map to help

What Italian Wedding Food is local to the Cinque Terre?

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Cinque Terre Map