Beauty Sleep is Real – Top Tips for Destination Weddings from Sleep Expert

Beauty sleep

Beauty Sleep is Real – Top Tips for Destination Weddings from Sleep Expert

In case you didn’t know, beauty sleep is real, seriously, just ask Sleeping Beauty or, if like us you prefer a more reliable, earthly source, ask our sleep expert friends at The Sleep Health Institute who know all about the benefits of beauty sleep for destination wedding couples. Guest blogger and researcher for, Samantha Kent, has these top tips that will have you zzzing all night long:

Let Nature Help You Get Your Beauty Sleep

Your wedding day will be full of moments you’ll want to remember. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are crucial to looking your best, but there’s one element that’s often forgotten – sleep. Beauty sleep is real, and it can make a big difference not only in how you look on your wedding day but how you feel.

The Reality of Beauty Sleep

Sleep plays a role in your health and appearance. A study funded by Estée Lauder explored the connection between sleep deprivation and skin aging. The health of participants’ skin was evaluated through a series of tests, and it was found that those who slept less or experienced poor sleep quality showed more signs of fine lines, uneven pigmentation, slack skin, and reduced skin elasticity. Researchers also found that the skin of those who slept better recovered 30 percent more quickly from environmental stressors such as sun damage.

It’s not just your skin’s health that’s at risk. Another study compared the perceived health of participants after getting a full night’s rest to their perceived health after being awake for 31 hours. Observers looked at photos of the same people after both conditions. After sleep deprivation, participants were rated as looking less healthy, less attractive, and more tired.

Beyond your appearance, adequate sleep, that’s a full seven to eight hours, helps keep your appetite and metabolism in check, your immune system strong, and the emotional center of your brain in balance. Sleep is vital to your physical and emotional health.

Beauty sleep

Photo from Wylie and David’s Wedding in the Cinque Terre taken by Julian Kanz.

Getting Good Sleep with Nature’s Help

Destination weddings in places like the Cinque Terre, Italy, can provide a cultural experience. They also put you in the beautiful natural surroundings which can help you relax for better sleep. The outdoors can help reduce stress and anxiety, both of which are common before a wedding. Seaside weddings also have the benefit of providing natural white noise. Sudden sound changes are what wake you up at night, but white noise puts out a consistent even sound across all hearable frequencies. The rhythmic rush of waves can be the white noise that helps you drift off to sleep before your big day.

Beauty sleep

Photo from Dominique and Rick’s wedding in the Cinque Terre taken by Ed Peers.

You can also help yourself get better sleep both before and after your wedding by:

Finding the Right Mattress:

It is your mattress at home that can make all the difference to your ability to fall and stay asleep in the months leading up to your big day. If you are plagued by frequent waking or aches and pains, you might need one that supports your height, weight, and/or preferred sleep position – back, stomach, side.

Keeping a Consistent Sleep-Wake Schedule:

Going to bed and waking up at the same time helps your body follow its natural circadian rhythms, which are regular 24-hour biological and physiological cycles. Try to keep your sleep-wake schedule even on weekends.

Adjusting for Jet Lag:

A destination wedding in a place like the Cinque Terre might require you to adjust to a new time zone. While you probably can’t eliminate all the effects of jet lag, you can prepare in advance to help yourself get the rest you need. A few days before you leave, start moving your bed and wake time closer to your destinations time by 30-60 minutes each night.

Avoiding Screens Close to Bedtime:

The screens of some electronic devices like laptops and smartphones give off a bright blue light that can suppress the release of sleep hormones. Some devices have a low blue light setting otherwise you’ll need to turn them off at least two to three hours before bed to prevent a delay in the onset of sleep.

Getting your beauty sleep will help you enjoy your wedding day in a place like the Cinque Terre, Italy, to the fullest.

Beauty sleep

Photo from Wylie and David’s Wedding in the Cinque Terre taken by Julian Kanz.

Written by guest blogger Samantha Kent for Cinque Terre Wedding. Guest blogger Samantha Kent is a researcher for Her favorite writing topic is how getting enough sleep can improve your life.