Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards Winners

Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards

Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards Winners

Sound the trumpets, release the doves – ladies and gentlemen, it is with ridiculous amounts of joyfulness that we announce the winners of the Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards for Italy… can we get a little drum roll please… drrrrrrrrrrrr… we’ll, what do you know, it’s us wee folk here at Cinque Terre Wedding!

As we enter our eighth year in destination wedding planning here in the Cinque Terre, Italy, helping almost 100 couples tie the knot, by golly this award: Bespoke Wedding Company of the Year for Italy, is sure to make our day, month, year!

You see the Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards program recognises consistent performance in the wedding industry. Nominees are put forward by industry experts, readers and satisfied customers. Then the in-house professionals and celebrity guest judges pick those most deserving of recognition.

Throughout the past 12 months, Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards received a whopping 9,456 nominations from 16 countries and winners were chosen for specialism, creativity, reliability and most importantly, service excellence.

What’s more – now this part makes us rather giddy – along with the in-house team at Luxury Travel Guide, the judges of our work included TV beauties Claire Newell (Travel Expert) who reaches 5.5 million viewers weekly and regularly appears on the Today Show, the Travel Channel’s Marianela Pereyra (Resident Beach Expert) who speaks Spanish, French and our language of love, Italian, while visiting the best beaches in the world – horrid job, that one – and creator of photos that make you want to go “ooh ahh”, luxury hospitality photographer Antonio Cuellar.

So what did the Luxury Travel Guide judges say about our win, you wonder? Why, we can tell you exactly what they said,

“Cinque Terre Wedding has shown a great passion for wedding services in Italy. They work with local suppliers and provide couples with an authentic Italian wedding experience.”

Now that’s pretty ace, if we do say so ourselves.

So big shout out to all the “I’m so lucky to work with you” Cinque Terre Wedding Team and all our local suppliers who help make the magic happen. And a kiss on both cheeks to all who voted for us.

Be sure to watch out for news of Cinque Terre Wedding’s win in the Luxury Travel Guide Wedding publication found in airport lounges around the world. Or simply keep your eyes peeled for news from us as we are sure to keep harping on about the awesomeness of this award for some time to come.

Eg: if you would like to have your destination wedding planned by the Travel Luxury Guide Bespoke Wedding Company of the Year for Italy contact us here at Cinque Terre Wedding – see what we did there? – awesomeness!

Written by Melina Nicholson