Vernazza the most picturesque village of the group, was founded in around 1000 AD. Its name comes from “Gens Vulnetia”, an old Roman family in Italy. The Vulnetia family owned the slaves who once founded and liberated the town. Steeped in a history of pirate raids and maritime tales, Vernazza is truly a place of breathtaking historic beauty for your destination wedding in Italy.

The small quaint square and harbour are surrounded by beautiful architectural elements such as loggias, arcades and portals with side cobbled streets connected by steep stairs, suggesting that Vernazza was once the most prosperous village of the Cinque Terre in Italy.

For your ceremony and reception choose between the Old Monastery Town Hall, a gothic seaside church or restaurants set inside a medieval fort and castle ruins for your ultimate destination wedding.

Vernazza is the perfect location for an old world vintage wedding style.

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