Dominique and Rick

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Dominique and Rick

New Zealand bride and groom, Dominique and Rick, who celebrated their wedding in Monterosso in the Cinque Terre, wrote in a thank-you note:

“We had the absolutely best day ever – everything looked incredible and beautiful and just perfect. I’m sure every bride and groom hope that their wedding day is perfect and everyone always says to expect something to go wrong, or that there might something not 100% right. Well I can honestly say that I hoped it would be perfect (not knowing exactly what “perfect” is either) but I wasn’t prepared to actually experience what perfect feels like in real life. If perfect is what happens in dreams then we were fast asleep!!!

Everybody has told me that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to! One of them even told me that she wouldn’t want to be the ones getting married after us…

It was a truly amazing experience for both of us and we’re so thankful for everything you did to make our time in Monterosso so special.

Thanks again to Matteo for being our celebrant – it was cool to have someone we’d met before! And the words of the ceremony were just so beautiful! Would it be possible to get a copy of them if possible?

Thanks also Melina for helping us find our family roots – I don’t think my family properly understood what we were doing, but afterwards they were so touched and amazed by what had happened – you helped us find our history! It’s just so special, so thank you so much from the bottom of all of our hearts.

Thanks again for making our wedding so unforgettable and so special :)”

New Zealand, Italian and South Africa