The Cinque Terre village of Manarola is possibly the quietest town in which to hold your Italian wedding, surrounded by vines and situated along a stream. It is a quaint wine and fishing village located on a sharp promontory where small fishing boats are hoisted up the rock face by winch to be parked like cars outside the shops near the harbour.

Manarola is the starting point of the most famous walking track in the Cinque Terre known as the Via dell’Amore or the Road of Love. Perched high above the ocean the trail connects Manarola to Riomaggiore and legend says it was the clandestine meeting point for a pair of lovers from the two towns. Today couples who choose to have their Italian wedding in the Cinque Terre can retrace the lover’s steps along the Via dell’Amore and hook padlocks around the steel walkway railing before throwing the key into the sea to lock their love forever.

In this village of ancient lovers, locations for your destination wedding ceremony and reception include the 14th century rose window church with bell tower, a seaview terrace and seafood restaurant serving fresh local produce.

Manarola is the perfect location for a nautical chic styled wedding.

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